About us

Recticel Group
Recticel Corby is part of the Recticel group of companies active in the production and conversion of PU foams 
Under the motto The passion for comfort, Recticel, as a manufacturer of polyurethane foam products,
strives to make a real difference to daily comfort for all.
Recticel History:http://www.recticel.com/Content/Corporate_Profile/History.cfm

Recticel Aviation started producing and cleaning aircraft seating products in 1988 for an international carrier.
Over the years some million seat and backrest cushions were produced based on the Rectiflame system.
In 2013 we concentrated all aviation activities at Recticel Corby in the UK. Recticel Corby is EASA21G certified
With over 23 years of experience we are able to supply solutions for all seating applications ranging from TC, BC to VIP seating.
A higly skilled and dedicated group of engineers is working to create new material and products for the aviation market

Recticel Aviation Panhuizerweg 9 NL-4041CN Netherlands Tel.: +31 (0)488 481359 email: info@recticelaviation.nl