Polyurethane (PU) stands for an important group of products within the big family of polymers or plastics. PU is a generic name for a wide range of foam types.

The structure of PU foam consists of a network of dodecahedron cells which behave as micro-springs.

“ Polyurethane (PU) as a
technology offers so many possibilities that it will
stay the fundament for further healthy growth.”

Recticel produces all its PU materials in house. 
As worlds largest PU foam producer we can offer a wide range of top quality materials

For aviation applications we use:

High resilient PU foams with excellent comfort properties

GF foams Fire Hard foams with enhanced fire resistance properties to pass CS/FAR 25.853c specifications with the use of fire blockers.

Closed cell crosslinked PE, EPP and PVDF foams for flotation cushions

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